5 Invitation Ideas for Special Occasions

5 Invitation Ideas for Special Occasions

Are you preparing an event for a special occasion?

Throwing an event is a lot of work and there's almost always something you're going to forget. As long as you don't forget to invite people, then you'll be alright. But how do you make sure that people want to come?

Making invites that actually entice guests to attend your event isn't easy. In this post, we're going to help you out by giving you 5 inspiring tips for creating invites for special occasions. 

1. Using Motifs

Whether you're inviting people to a wedding or a baby shower, you should always have the invitations reflect the theme or motif of the event. The more you can convey about the event, the better.

Thinking about designing invitations can be done in conjunction with how you're going to design your event. If you can make it a cohesive experience, from receiving the invitation until the last song of the event plays out, your guests will leave all the more impressed.

2. Include a Picture

For things like weddings and graduation parties, you can make the invitation personal by including a photo of the guest(s) of honor front and center. Who's going to turn down an invite when the cause for celebration is staring them right in the face?

3. Floral Never Fails

At Special Day Printing, we love a really good floral motif. There's nothing more elegant and inviting than floral artwork as a feature or backdrop to the invite.

You don't have to lean on floral themes if you don't want to, however. Any natural themes which incorporate the scenery of your part of the world can have a striking effect. If your event is in Hawaii, maybe you could include palm trees; if it's in Oregon, you could use giant redwoods to frame the invitation.

4. Get All the Info Down

It's easy to get lost in the decorative theme of the invitation, but you have to make sure there's enough room for all of the pertinent information. Choosing font and font sizes is as important as any artwork because you need it to be clear and legible.

Some events call for more text than others. For example, a wedding has to include a date, time, the couple's names, the location, and a little message to the invitees. You'll have to put a lot of thought into how to word an invitation so that it's not completely dominated by text.

5. Make Use of Color

Last, but certainly not least, is the color scheme. Not only is your use of color going to tie in themes and bring the invitation to life, but it has a huge impact on the overall mood of the invite.

Before choosing your color palette, take a look at this article about the psychology of color. You need your invite to make the right impression and choosing the right colors will do that.

Invitations for Special Occasions

These days, all too many people think it's easier to send out e-invites for their special occasions. At Special Day Printing, we still believe in the intimacy and meaning of sending out physical invites for important life events. Having been in the industry for over 50 years, we've helped design and print invites for happy couples, proud parents, and excited graduates, among others.

To start creating invites for your special event, order a sample pack today.