Choosing the Right Wedding Invitations Wording: A Complete Guide


Choosing the Right Wedding Invitations Wording: A Complete Guide

With many things to plan before your wedding day, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the details. 

However, one of the most important aspects to think about is your wedding invitation. Everyone wants an invitation that their guests can display in their homes while they look forward to the big day. 

The perfect wedding invitation should reflect you and your partner and set the tone for the wedding. While there are some traditions for wedding invitation wording, you should always choose something that feels authentic to you. 

For a guide to get you started, keep reading! 

Who's Hosting?

The first line of your invitation generally introduces the person or people who are hosting the wedding, followed by the couple's names. The hosts are the ones doing the inviting and are usually also the ones paying for the wedding. 

There are some traditions regarding who pays for the wedding. However, nowadays, those traditions often don't apply. Couples frequently host their own weddings or maybe split the cost with one or both sets of parents. 

Wording for this part of the invitation can be extremely formal - Caroline and Taylor, together with their parents, request the honor of your presence at their wedding - or you can opt for more casual wording - invite you to join the celebration of their special day.

Make sure that what you choose fits you and your partner's personalities. The bottom line is, let the guest know who the invitation is coming from and whose wedding they will be attending.  

When and Where Is the Wedding?

Formalities aside, the date and location of the wedding is the most important information. Once guests read this, they can mark their calendars immediately. 

Keep this part simple, and don't include any fancy wording. You don't want guests to decode your invitation to figure out where they need to go and when. Most invitations start with the day of the week, followed by the month.

on Friday, the fourteenth of May

two thousand twenty-one

at five o'clock in the evening

For a more pared-down version, use numerals. Then, add the location at the bottom as this information often won't be referred to until the wedding day. Ensure the address is clear, so guests don't have to go searching for where the place is! 

What Else Should Be Included?

Start by asking yourself what things your guests need to know immediately. If you have a wedding website, you can go into more detail there. However, some things should be included in the wedding invitation message. 

If you're hosting a reception after the ceremony, be sure to include that in the invite. Additionally, if you have a registry, provide the link at the bottom to remind your guests. Any other details such as dress code, food preferences, or a request not to bring children can be included at your discretion. 

Lastly, be sure to include an RSVP card with a response deadline to ensure that you'll have a good idea of who is attending. 

Create the Wedding Invitation Wording for Your Special Day

Now that you have a good outline to get you started, it's time to make the perfect invitation for your big day. 

For more ideas on unique wedding invitation wording, browse our designs and order a sample pack to see what the final product will look like!